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  • Konrad Morawski

This sizeable (over 150 classes) .NET desktop application was developed as a demonstration of my skills. I have provided an informative video overview which can be found at Vimeo - it shows the program at work, commenting on the technical aspects of its development.

The application provides a solution to a real-life scenario; it is designed to help a manager run a store.
It includes management system of a relational SQL database as well as a parameterized automatic work schedule generator.
It puts numerous .NET framework features and concepts into use. including databinding, LINQ, threading, hash-signing, custom controls... also utilizing advanced programming techniques such as recurrency and genetic optimization.
Installer files are available to download from Mediafire.

I have good working knowledge of C# (confirmed by Microsoft Certification 70-526), including ASP .NET  and SQL Server / SQLite. (...)

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